Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Hailey is the Greatest!

Today i picked up Hailey from school and told her that she needed to do her homework as soon as she walked in the house then she can have a snack while i finished cooking.

Well she always puts up a little fit however today, she went straight to the table completed all her school work had some grapes and headed to the shower and put on her Pj's!
 I was in some what shock!

 Chris and I went out so I told Hailey she needed to clean her room.
When i returned her room was SPOTLESS whaaaaat?
My kid knows how to clean and i've been doing it for her all along? I must admit she sprayed way too much Hannah Montana Body spray i could barely breathe but she actually did a pretty great job for a seven year old. I am one happy mommy :)

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