Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Favorites

Now that the girls have had a few days to play with what ''Santa'' left them, it's clearly easy to  tell what are their favorites. One of the most requested items was the Crayola marker maker. Hailey played with it the first day and I haven't seen it ever since. However these were the few items that are constantly being used. 

American girl doll and doll tutu set.

Brain Quest Smart game!

This Balloon game is AWESOME for family game night.

Valco Baby Princess pram. 

Bringing a little Paris to Florida

Silver Hunter Boots

Ipads and the leap pad ultra.

One of my favorites as well the electric scooter. I must admit when I take Hailey outside I make her get off so I can ride it atleast once.  (lol)

There you go a few Christmas Favorites.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Happy Christmas eve!

I must say this year has been my favorite Christmas eve yet. I must admit I couldn't find the ''perfect'' Christmas outfit for my girls therefore I decided to host a Pajama party. It couldn't have been more perfect. My cousin was spontaneously admitted to the hospital a few days prior and we were fortunate, she was released right on time for the holiday festivities. Instead of getting all glammed up we all dressed in comfy pajamas and played games. The game of the night was uno. Boy! did everyone have fun. I sat back and just watched how everyone was enjoying themselves and my heart skipped a beat. You could feel the genuine love of family and friends gathered around having nothing less than a perfect time. 


And of course the night is not completed with out the Secret Santa gift exchange!