Friday, November 4, 2011

I Love my Pediatrician!

Hailey has been going to the same Pediatrician since she was born. I absolutely love her! This year they hosted a little Holloween party for the kids. It was adorable!

The fabulous Dr. Alice in Wonderland! Ooops i mean Dr.Cubas! 

Her newest little patient Mickey mouse!

And my Leah being Anti-Social 

Until next time,


  1. Having one pediatrician for your children until they’ve completely grown up is a great idea! That way he/she can keep track of your children’s health and understand the possible changes that may occur to them. Well, it’s nice that they helped in a Halloween party for their valued patients. Looks like the kids enjoyed it.

    *Logan Rojas

  2. Sweet! :’> I really love it when pediatricians organized some recreational activities such as parties like this. It’s one way to show their love and care for the kids. Plus, these kinds of activities also strengthen their bond with them. =)

    Malachi Cates