Sunday, January 2, 2011

If my Children can have it all then that's what makes me Happy :)

Today i woke up with a million things on that brain of mine. Way more than what i can share with you. One thing i did realize is how much my social life has shut down. Feels like i had so much to do and now as Leannah and Hailey are getting older and i'm going to school there's not much to do except Clean, bathe, feed, School work, clean, clean and clean some more. We do the dinner and movie or series night just about every Saturday, Sunday and Monday so that's the time mommy and daddy get to spend together.

If i knew kids were so messy i probably would have thought about it twice (I'm Kidding). Having a child changes you but having two turns your life completely around. I mean i remember going to the mall and splurging on Hailey one paycheck and the other paycheck splurging for myself now i'd be lucky if i buy myself something. I know it's terrible. I go to the mall i go straight to the kids stores. I'm a young mother why can't i find a reason to shop for myself? I refuse to, everything must go to my Fashionistas, if their looking good then that's all that matters to me.

Is this wrong? Is this right? I also tend to be very selective of my friends. I normally only want to hang out with the ladies who are moms. My ideal day out is a play date with a mom who socializes i like to talk not just about child related stuff about everything in general that we can relate to. Enough rambling i can go on forever.

So there you have it some thoughts on my life as a mother. I am 100% on team Hailey and Leannah, wouldn't change it for the world and if the Fashionista's are happy then guess who's happy! Me :)