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I'm living in a world of pink raising to girls as I prep for a new career. I am a baby gear and pregnancy fanatic. I am also looking forward for one more round at motherhood in hopes of conceiving a ''mama's boy''. I love raising pink but I also want to expierence raising blue.   Thank you for visiting and please Subscribe, comment and enjoy. 

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  1. Hi,

    I visited your blog. It looks really nice. I have a request, something that could be good for both of us, if it would be appropriate for the kind of content on your blog of course. But either way, I would really appreciate your response. :)

    For the past year my wife and I have been putting hundreds of hours into drawing a children’s book. It’s not an ordinary story, but a search book. Have you ever heard of “Where is Waldo?” Ours is a similar concept, but it’s more focused on kids, with pages that are about a birthday party, petting zoo, swimming pool, playground, etc. The title of the book is, “Find the Cutes.” Now that the book is done and that my wife and I are investing in printing, we need some help. On March 1st we will launch a project on kickstarter.com. You may have heard of it. It’s a crowd funding website. And to get our name out there and achieve our goal, we would love to put a story on your blog.

    I already have a question and answer interview written out. And I have a lot of fun images you may use. The best of help would be if I could send the text and images to you in the beginning of March, and you could pick and select whatever you think fits your blog best. That way, you would have an appealing story (added to all the great things you already have), and it could help us get sponsors on kickstarter. (Our website is www.findthecutes.com). Let me just say “thank you” ahead of time if you’re willing to do that for us. :)

    Hope to hear from you soon. vincentnoot@gmail.com

    Vincent Noot, Illustrator