Friday, July 8, 2011

Leannah's goods!

What's your favorite Diapers, body wash, lotion and diaper rash cream?

Leannah's daily necessities...

Huggies Cotton Organic Diapers..
I also love Earths best Organic Diapers.

Baby Bee's bath & Rash necessities.. 
I also love A&D i actually use it for my kitchen burns.

 I'm in need of a good smelling Baby Cologne, we normally use Violetas but i think it's time for something new! 

 Until next time,
Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July!

This year we hosted Fourth of July. We had great company come over and we danced, ate and walked to the park for some firework action. I had a wonderful time i hope they all did too.
I completely forgot to buy the girls outfits so that morning i raided their closets until i came up with something... Go Mommy!

My little Ladies..

Daddy's girl's..

Half of our group..

Daddys baby..

Norka and her baby Coby
 My Cousin's..

The works!!!

Until next time,
Ashley :)

Water Play!

My Father in Law invited us to his friends sons birthday party on Sunday. So we headed up to Coconut creek for the afternoon and boy did my girlies have fun. The weather wasn't that great but luckily it didn't rain.

Waiting for the session to begin..


Down Hai goes..

 Christalia loves to splash herself..

Mom i'm falling..
 Leannah's splash down..

Okay lady wear a thong to a kids water play..

 Where i relaxed while daddy played with the girlies!

Until Next time,
Ashley :)

Beautiful park/allergic disaster.

I came home prepared the girls and grabbed my camera bag.  All along i knew i wanted to take them out for some playtime i just couldn't decide where so we went and grabbed some lunch and proceeded to the park! I figured since i didn't have class the following day we could go play for atleast 2 hours or so and boy was i wrong.  

We arrived they took off there shoes and ran to the playground i found a nice little spot where i could sit and watch them play. Roughly 30 minutes later i'm on the phone with their Pedi freaking out. Hailey said mommy i'm itchy i replied Hailey your fine keep playing so she did and came back 2 minutes later; Mommy my arms please lets go home. Home??? 

I immediately knew something was wrong when i looked her arms were covered yes COVERED in a millon little bumps so i gathered out stuff headed to the car and called the pedi. The nurse said she will be fine she can continue to play or go home, shower and have some benedryl it's no big deal. So our fun day at the park was cut short.. I guess that's what happens when you have children.

Such a beautiful park..

& the itch begins..
 Silly fourth of July toesies!