Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eeek! Third grade.

Summer is officially gone. Fall has arrived and that means so has school. I still cannot believe my child is in third grade, THIRD! I was thrilled when she went to VPK, First and Second but i'm having a difficult time with third grade. I must admit i cried like a baby. I cried during the meet and greet and on her first day I arrived at my job in tears. I need to learn how to let go a bit, You know those crazy parents that fear field trips and having their children away from them hours at a time? Well that's me! I am extra paranoid when it comes to my gems. I am working on that but so far i cannot help it. I can sob all day about how heart broken i am that my children are growing up so enough now to the fun part (pictures).

 I decided to share a few pictures from her first week of school.


  1. Hey its I lost ur number because I forgot to save it :( I remembered that I found this blog of urs so hopefully u write me back :) my email is hope to hear from u girl!