Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little Fashionista's!

As a child i played with dolls not knowing that one day i was going to have my own dolls to play with and it's been so much fun. I have people ask me all the time how long does it take to get ready? Honestly not that long it takes about one hour for all three of us ladies to get ready and go out the door. 

Sometimes while i'm choosing what they are goin to wear and getting them ready i just sit and think like WOW! these are real life dolls. I actually feel like i'm playing a game.  Anyway since this blog is called The prettiest Fashionista's on the block here is some pictures of their many looks.

My little trendsetters...





Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Strollers, Strollers!

I ask my self everyday why must i love baby gear so much? I have no idea but it makes my heart flutter. I'm a freak for anything baby so i guess my Career as a Midwife will be a perfect fit. I keep telling Chris my ideal job would be having a garage full of strollers and helping others choose the perfect one.

I actually walked into BB-Baby and asked if they were hiring but i only wanted to work in the stroller dept. Of course the girl said she was new and the manager wasn't around so she gave me an application and kind of shrugged. Sigh! I guess calling a manager and saying Hey! If you hire me i will only say yes if i can work the stroller section isn't a good idea. So i guess for now i will focus on getting into a good BSN-Midwifery program.

Chris has been pretty good with only letting me have one nice stroller although i see a new/lighter more practical one coming in the near future. Now to choose what i want next and justify it.. Cough Cough ''Disney or Travel''. :)

Anyway if anyone wants to chat about baby stuff i'm no expert but i sure do enjoy it and i can go on for hours. Ohh yeah that and Birthday planning but that you all already know. 

Talk to you soon,

My girl Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is just about the only female celeb i can say is my favorite!

I love me some Nicole Richie so when my sister sent me this video i was so excited. She is too cute. Here she is having a Brittney dance off.


I'm always behind the camera taking pictures of the Fashionista's then i wonder why can't i find atleast ONE good picture of myself.

 So as i was waiting for my family to arrive i decided to snap a few photo's. Snapping pictures of oneself with an SLR is pretty difficult. After a while i was able to take three that i thought were ''decent''.

So here is mommy...

Nice to meet you!


Meeku means a ton of stuff in my home.

Meeku-Peeku means Pizza.

Meeku also means Mickey and/or Minnie.

Meeku is also a form of saying Make-up!

It's pretty sad how well i pick up one my two year old's language. I must admit sometimes i have to correct myself because in an adult conversation i will use one of her words. What can i say i'm with the kid 24/7 it sticks!!

Meeku by Christalia..

Some of Mommy's latest goodies! Some of these were shipped off to my sister.
That little white bottle in the corner i LOVE!
Monday, June 20, 2011

Beach anyone?

Summer is officially here! I know that sounds totally silly since i live in Florida. I am not a beach girl at all i think it's hot and icky but my sister was in town so how could i not go?

Sand in your kids face and trying to protect your camera is a mission. Ohh yeah let's not forget two children wanting to jump in the ocean like it's a small tot pool.. hmm how can you not love the beach??? 
Oh la divas?

 Cheese pose anyone?

 Sand scrub?
 Practicing Ettiquette lol

 See ya!