Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Full Photography practice mode

Earlier this year Chris purchased a Dslr for me. The camera has been pretty complicated but i have managed to take some decent pictures, well decent is no longer cutting it for me. I am going to take a couple tutorials and try to use it to the maximum potential. I will be posting the pictures here so feel free to share your constructive feedback. These are the first two pictures i snapped with my new lens, i'm sure you can tell they are far from what they are supposed to look like however i am excited to see my improvements.

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. After anticipating Christmas for weeks, it is now over. We spent our Christmas eve at my cousins house where we had a tasty family dinner, played games and once the clock struck midnight we exchanged gifts with our secret santas. On Christmas day the girl's woke up later than usual they must have been exhausted from the night before. Once they woke we headed straight down for the tree where Santa left some goodies. I must say for two girlies who have driven mommy bananna's Santa was sure good to them. Here are a few photo's. 

We love our Santa. He is amazing everyday of the year. 
Okay maybe not everyday but just about lol.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Little Fashionista!

Some little missy is going to visit the Pedi today.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our favorite hang out

Today we attended Cafe Au play's mini bazaar! It was great i didn't realize how much i missed going there. I try to go atleast once a week, it's a wonderful place for baby to play however with school and attending a home i havent had the time for weekly play. As soon as the semester is over i'll be back at it. Mom's if you are in the area make sure to check it out. Located on Pembroke rd and Flamingo next door to Jubilee Gala in Pembroke Pines. Here's some pictures..

What's in my Pantry?

I would be lying if i say we eat purely organic however I do try anyway to incorporate as many good foods as possible. My daughter eats mostly Organic food so i will share with you all her favorites, Which reminds me i must go grocery shopping tomorrow!!

Just a few of many that Ms.Froggy carrys around for us.

Ellas Kitchen (Gluten Free) :

Nourish Water:


Earths best:

Some yummy snacks for your little one!

We love Boon!

Are you a modern mama? Then Boon brand is for you. How i found boon? im that girl who always loves unique cool, modern stuff. One day i was walking through Babies r'us in a RUSH or so thought my boyfriend as he was waiting in the car. I was about three hours late to a babyshower and needed to find a present  however this spoon immediately caught my eye, my daughter was just starting to eat baby food and I already had numerous stained bibs, carrots in my hair and just a huge mess. So i immediately grabbed the Boon spoon got my present and left. As soon as it was time to eat i tried my spoon and oh my! No mess, no hassel i simply poured the baby food in and squeezed. I was so in love i posted it on my facebook and recommended it to all the mothers i know. I moved on to the food catch plate which now is a MUST since my daughter only wants to feed herself and it really does catch most of the food she spills! I also have the interlocking plate and snack cup. So for those who haven't heard of Boon they are modern and functional totally worth.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Organic Kidz A Safe Stylish bottle for your Little one.

Me being the research geek that i am, i came across OrganicKidz bottles. It immediately caught my attention since it grows with baby. Those of you who know me have seen my bottle collection, i have a basket at the top of the closet with all sort of brands. You name it and i have it. It's like i am a bottle/stroller hoarder. Well i just had to add this to my collection. I  read more about the product and the more i fell in love with it. It's Safe and sturdy, i'm also trying to live a little more green so why not? by far my favorite baby bottle.
Bottle, sippy, sports cap. These bottles come in various sizes 4oz Narrow/Wide. 9oz narrow/wide and 7oz narrow.

My daughter