Saturday, November 26, 2011


I hope you everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving. There is always something to be grateful for. Daddy's birthday was Thanksgiving day, super cool huh? Indeed it was. Tons of food and tons of cake! Now we all anticipate the arrival of Christmas. I hope everyone is preparing, this is the season where one wants to shop every single day starting on black Friday and ending the week of Christmas!

Just a pair of silly girls.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Elmo Decor!

I know i promised some pictures of the decor i did for baby Eric's birthday party. I decorated this on a budget! I know my order of post is all out of wack this should be archived with the September posts.

Our gifts to the Birthday boy!

Too much?

I think not! Mama loves extravagance.

Friday, November 4, 2011

My lovely's!

It's been awhile since i have blogged. You all know me i come and i go. I'm sure you all know life can get in the way of some activities. I was inspired by a post i recieved on my facebook page! I'll try to keep up as much as i can.

On another note I am so excited about the Holidays! I really dont even know what Santa should bring my girls. Can you believe the year is already practically gone?

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I Love my Pediatrician!

Hailey has been going to the same Pediatrician since she was born. I absolutely love her! This year they hosted a little Holloween party for the kids. It was adorable!

The fabulous Dr. Alice in Wonderland! Ooops i mean Dr.Cubas! 

Her newest little patient Mickey mouse!

And my Leah being Anti-Social 

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Happy Holloween!

My cousin Ana and I hosted a Holloween party at my house. The party was a total success and we had tons of fun! So much fun I woke up sick the next morning haha! So worth it though!

She's a Mermaid!

Inspired Audrey Hepburn

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Little girls are all about dressing up!

Most women dream of having a little girl, perhaps they want a ''mini me'' or they just like the variety of little girl clothing? For me it's simple why have daughters if your not going to take the dressing up, playing doll head on?

 I can honestly say I am playing dress up. When they grow older i do not want to think back and say ''I wish we had done _____ or ___. I want to do it all so i have no regrets.

Leannah's housewife inspired look.

(I apologize for the cellphone quality)

Sisters or as Leannah says ''Tister''

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