Monday, August 16, 2010

We love Boon!

Are you a modern mama? Then Boon brand is for you. How i found boon? im that girl who always loves unique cool, modern stuff. One day i was walking through Babies r'us in a RUSH or so thought my boyfriend as he was waiting in the car. I was about three hours late to a babyshower and needed to find a present  however this spoon immediately caught my eye, my daughter was just starting to eat baby food and I already had numerous stained bibs, carrots in my hair and just a huge mess. So i immediately grabbed the Boon spoon got my present and left. As soon as it was time to eat i tried my spoon and oh my! No mess, no hassel i simply poured the baby food in and squeezed. I was so in love i posted it on my facebook and recommended it to all the mothers i know. I moved on to the food catch plate which now is a MUST since my daughter only wants to feed herself and it really does catch most of the food she spills! I also have the interlocking plate and snack cup. So for those who haven't heard of Boon they are modern and functional totally worth.

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