Sunday, August 15, 2010

Organic Kidz A Safe Stylish bottle for your Little one.

Me being the research geek that i am, i came across OrganicKidz bottles. It immediately caught my attention since it grows with baby. Those of you who know me have seen my bottle collection, i have a basket at the top of the closet with all sort of brands. You name it and i have it. It's like i am a bottle/stroller hoarder. Well i just had to add this to my collection. I  read more about the product and the more i fell in love with it. It's Safe and sturdy, i'm also trying to live a little more green so why not? by far my favorite baby bottle.
Bottle, sippy, sports cap. These bottles come in various sizes 4oz Narrow/Wide. 9oz narrow/wide and 7oz narrow.

My daughter

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