Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mommy & The toddler bed.

Anytime I would go over a freinds house or Ideal Baby and Leannah saw a toddler bed she would make a run for it and lay under the covers, so i thought she was ready, maybe she will even sleep the whole night (a mom can dream right?).

 So i went to buy her a bed i did not want anything pricey or too fancy since we did that whole ''top of the line'' furniture set for Hailey when she was Leannah's age which def was not worth it we ended up having to pack up and moving her room so i told myself i will not splurge until i get our very own home.

So after going back and fourth i said what the heck? the girl likes Dora the Explorer now those of you who know me personally know how much I really dislike theme's however i went ahead anyway as i'm looking i found this cute Little Miss Matched set ( yes! i am a fan so darn cute) so i added that to my cart.

 So here i am so excited i KNOW Leannah is going to be ecstatic well guess what? The girl HATES the bed she uses it as my sister says her bounce house. She jumps for hours and now she ONLY wants to be in my bed and her sister who has her very own room with a full size bed now only wants to sleep in Leannah's bed.... What have i done to myself? Any tips please share. 

Leannah's Loopsy friends!
The ''Bed''

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