Friday, March 4, 2011

Good bye Sunshine Hello Cold!

Last weeked Chris and I hopped on a plane and flew to the DC/Maryland area.We had such a wonderful weekend the girls stayed home with my mother and he and i got to actually have some alone time. That really hasn't happened since we went to Vegas September of 2009 so time alone was overdue. 

I got to meet just about Chris's entire family which was awesome you would think that 8 years of being together and i would know everyone. His family are all so wonderful! I did not bring my camera on the trip and i also didn't take many pictures so the few at the bottom were just cell phone pictures from when we were driving around. 

I'm waiting on my father in law to send me the pictures he snapped of us when we attended his nieces wedding. I have this new love for the State of Maryland everything is so darn pretty! Ohh and of course i must mention seems like everyone up there has BOBS yes i stroller spot on vacation, i dont mean to it just happens i saw about 6-7 ladies working out with their bob! lol

At the airport

From the car shots

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