Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin patch 2013

Today we visited the pumpkin patch to be exact we went to three different ones. The first one was ridiculously full so we drove an extra fifteen minutes and found another one which was much calmer. The kids fed the animals, drank some smoothies and ran around for a bit then we headed to another much smaller patch where they chose pumpkins (which they are now carving) and took some pictures. After we went to Italy today for some brunch and of course I just had to stop by this little girl's boutique where they have lots of cute handmade clothing. Overall our day was just lovely, it was the perfect sunday!

Mommy: Target Peplum shirt, Old navy jeans, Michael Kors flats.
Hailey: Ted Baker top, Gap ponte pants, MK flats.
Leannah: Ted Baker top, Target leggings, Gap shoes. 

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